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Refund Policy


Green Sky Foundation, a legal NGO serving in Jamshedpur and focused on the improvement and development of disabled and poor people within our neighborhood is the body that is responsible for the work. Holding the 2022/JSR/1199/BK4/77 registration number, we approach our mission with a strong resolve to become the main source of assistance for the less fortunate.


We benefit from the fact that anyone, who decides to support a philanthropic organization like ours does not only help those in poverty but he or she also benefits from it. For instance, a well-known advantage of the home loan scheme is the possibility of a 50% tax deduction. One of the principal advantages of donating to our charitable trust is that the state offers tax deductions to donors as we have a legal status to do this given we registered the trust under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act.


The Privacy and confidentiality of our donors are inherently part of our value system here at Green Sky Foundation. Our donor information privacy policy asserts that the privacy and safety foundation of donor information is paramount and a top priority for us. Our organization guarantees that all personal information of donors is not shared with and through any other bodies.

Our privacy policy encompasses several key principles:


We promise to keep total confidentiality on any detail or personal info that a donor may give us such that it remains private and secure at all times.

Utilization of Donations:

The money we collect through Green Sky Foundation is focused solely on welfare activities and specifically, they are associated with helping the ministered poor, disabled, and disadvantaged in the society we live in.

When it comes to donation receipts, transparency is paramount:

Receipt Policy:

We receive the mailing of transaction dates instantly which gets delivered to our unique email address, support@greenskyfoundation.org. Moreover, receipts as well as any other relevant documents are sent by post to donors at the address they have provided and according to our policy.

Refunds for Cancelled Transactions:

Case 1:

If a double transaction or an incorrect amount is entered, donors are required to inform by sending a request mail with a valid reason to support@greenskyfoundation.org. Once verified and as per our policy, the refund of the donated sum is done. The donor will be charged with a transaction fee and the entire process should only take 30 days after the recipient receives the request via email.

Case 2:

Instance the user cancels a transaction during processing and the amount is not credited to Green Sky Foundation’s account but deducted from the user’s account, the situation calls for the intervention of the user’s bank or merchant. Although we try to help to the best of our ability, the final decision on fixing the problem belongs to our customers. Donors may be advised to direct their concerns to support@greenskyfoundation.org for specific handling.


Your assistance allows us to keep encompassing all efforts in the direction of bringing good in the lives of the destitute. Together, let us form a more empathetic, caring society. Thank you for your generosity, trust, and contribution to the Green Sky Foundation.