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About Us Green Sky Foundation One of the best NGOs in India


At Green Sky Foundation, we are dedicated to creating a significant difference by addressing overlooked societal needs. Our core values of empathy, resource optimization, and a people-centered approach drive us to develop sustainable solutions for community development. Through collaborative partnerships, active listening, and responsiveness, we ensure that our initiatives are deeply rooted in the unique context, culture, and aspirations of the communities we support. The commitment of the Green Sky Foundation runs deep. Founded by Akash Sinha, our charity and NGO tirelessly work towards the betterment of society. We are dedicated to providing quality education to underprivileged children, empowering women, and conducting impactful medical campaigns to address health and hunger issues. With unwavering determination, we create sustainable change and foster a more inclusive and equitable world.

why choose Green Sky Foundation ?

Your choice of Green Sky Foundation as your non-governmental organization (NGO) represents more than simply personal preference – it represents an investment in changing lives around you and an unwavering dedication to improving communities worldwide. Green Sky Foundation stands as the best NGO due to its comprehensive approach, combining compassion with efficiency to address various social problems. Green Sky Foundation is known for its pioneering initiatives in education, healthcare, women’s empowerment, and environmental sustainability – all areas in which they make an exceptional difference. What distinguishes us is our community-centric, hands-on approach, which ensures each effort directly benefits those in need. We value transparency, accountability, and collaboration – thus we create meaningful partnerships to maximize their positive effects. Our team consists of dynamic individuals who all share a vision for creating a better society. We take great pride in adapting to meet the ever-evolving requirements of the communities we serve. Green Sky Foundation stands as an icon for positive change and hope, offering health clinics to those in need and educational programs for children. Join our journey and make an impactful contribution, no matter how small, towards creating a more sustainable future for all. By supporting Green Sky Foundation, you are choosing more than an organization; instead, you are supporting an agent of good deeds, driving positive changes for people most in need and contributing towards long-term change that makes a real impactful difference in lives that truly need assistance.


At the core of Green Sky Foundation lies an unwavering visionary commitment to transformative change within society in a variety of forms, with strong faith that empowered communities lead to flourishing environments. Our vision spans six pillars of power: women empowerment, health care services and hygiene education and hygiene programs, hunger elimination efforts, and sports. All six aspects contribute to fostering sustainable, equitable, and flourishing communities that will last into the future. Green Sky Foundation  focuses on  Women’s empowerment, with specialized initiatives, mentorship programs, and skills development to help women realize their full potential and contribute to society. 


At Green Sky Foundation, our mission is to lead the charge in environmental conservation and community empowerment. Our NGO is dedicated to implementing sustainable initiatives, fostering eco-friendly practices, and supporting communities in need. Through education, advocacy, and impactful projects, we aim to inspire positive change and cultivate a world where the environment thrives, and every individual plays a crucial role in its preservation. Their mission is grounded in their belief that sustainable transformation begins at the grass-roots level and requires holistic approaches that address interrelated community challenges head-on. Join them as they work tirelessly towards making sure every person can live life with dignity, strength, and empowerment!