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Hunger and Malnutrition

Hunger and Malnutrition: A multi-dimensional issue

Food security in india

A great number of people across the entire world lost their lives to hunger and malnutrition as those are very complex problems with many faces. While they are generally treated as the two sides of the same coin, this may result in misunderstanding since they are not identical rather they are parts of the same problem. 

The economic stagnation depicting starvation, malnourishment, and impoverished heads together builds disorder and disruption across communities. Hunger as a name to the phenomenon that a person is presented with an unpleasant sensation through the ingestion of inadequate food is typically what is called hunger.


It can be either an acute or a chronic disorder depending on the severity and depth of putrefaction. While malnutrition can be linked to only dietary deficiencies, undernutrition is a complex phenomenon that includes factors such as caloric intake, mineral and vitamin intake, and water intake. 


Limited energy is one of the hunger causes (a deficit in the number of calories consumed); another is the deficiency of all the required minerals and vitamins necessary for the organism to be in a fit condition (minerals, and vitamins).


Undoubtedly, the state of Hunger and malnutrition is nested. Chronic hunger could become malnutrition, though the latter condition is the outcome of manifestations of such phenomenon as the feelings of hunger. The lethal implications of death and malnourishment foster it as a higher priority.

Root Causes of Hunger and Malnutrition

The Poverty Paradox:

It is Poverty that is the biggest killer. No resources mean no money, which in turn means the inability to pay for food, even if it’s right there. It results in a cycle of poverty instead.


Conflict and Chaos:

The causes of wars, natural catastrophes, and political instability are a big trouble to the food production and distribution systems. This would be a situation where when these systems are no more, starvation and malnourishment start to grow.


Climate’s Cruel Twist:

Extreme weather conditions such as droughts and floods impact agriculture which end up affecting food security creating hazardous social stability. Climate change makes for cyclones to be more frequent and severe.


An Unequal Plate:

It is clear that the world produces more than the needed amount of food; however, the distribution is extremely unequal. Due to the unequal distribution of food all over the world, some places are wealthy while other areas are in deficit and those are people starving.


The Ripple Effect:

Education is largely impeded by hunger and malnutrition in terms of learning capacity and academic achievement. This will be our topic for our next class, where we will dive deep into this problem.

How is the Green Sky Foundation helping in solving hunger and malnutrition?

Hunger and malnutrition are complicated issues so, the Green Sky Foundation is attempting to face these poverty-related problems with an emphasis on education. They bring in a solution that does not allow the cycle of poverty and food deficiency to continue by uplifting the individuals and their community as a whole.

Fueling Young Minds:

Our foundation, Green Sky Foundation is a strong proponent of school feeding programs. These programs feed the kids with nutritious food which gives them the energy to focus on their education and achieve all the success they are capable of. Children who receive proper nutrition intrinsically attain better skills both academically and mentally to follow a set path for a better life which breaks the circle of poverty.

Knowledge is Power:

Green Sky Foundation does not stop at helping to feed people, it also considers the underlying socioeconomic obstacles that may be the root cause. They turn families into foodies by showcasing how one can eat healthily, even on a low budget. This induces communities to access the information for making healthy choices of diet, which in turn gives them a great perspective of appreciating what they eat.

Building Self-Sufficiency:

Green Sky Foundation centering on long-term solutions is what we will be doing. They invest in community projects having people powerful to do these projects. They should be able to have their resources with skills they will use to sustain their way of life. This would include, for example, education on organic farming or local farmers market establishment.


Education is not just the remedy for immediate hunger and malnutrition, but the weapon that can eliminate the issue, wielded by the communities themselves.

Donate for Hunger and Malnutrition:

One action put into practice leads to another so there is nothing bigger or nothing smaller in the fight against hunger. Millions are failing to fight malnutrition, pointing to a cause that all nations should address. By donating to Green Sky Foundation, you are invited into a bigger team of people who work on solving issues regarding the environment. Your choice to choose our product, regardless of its price, helps us to fulfill the mission of creating a world where everyone has the right to be well-nourished.


Children don’t need to wake up with the thought of breakfast as a dream; neither should they go to bed with an empty stomach. With dedication and true want, this can become a possibility. By taking on the sources of hunger’s underlying problems, offering education, and ensuring the food supply is sustainable we will be able to hand off a world that is free of this pain. The best way to make a positive change is by getting together no matter if it is Green Sky Foundation or any other organization that we choose. As an overall collective, we hold that key position by ensuring that no one, be it an adult or a child can starve to death.